Specialist Engineering

Steve Smith founded HM racing over 30 years ago. At the time Steve passion was speedway and ice racing in which he completed all over the world. HM Racing was a vehicle that allowed Steve to pursue his racing ambitions and help others to do the same.


Steve's specialist engineering knowledge has come from a lifetime of research and development. Whilst building race engines was where it all started HM has now grown into a turnkey competition operation for competition at almost every level. 


Throughout the growth and success Steve has continued his passion for unusual and sometimes extremely complicated engineering and development projects. 


HM now get requests from all over the world to repair, replicate and modify classic motorcycle parts from all eras. If someone tells you it can't be repaired and have a chat with Steve. 

HM continue to invest in the latest technology and equipment to to see more of some of the equipment, and the work we produce see the slideshow below.

Steve Smith - HM Specialist Engineering

SPECIALIST a. a person who specializes in or devotes himself or herself to a particular area of activity, field of research, etc

b. specialist knowledge

ENGINEERINGEngineering is the work involved in designing and constructing engines and machinery