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Why risk destroying your road going motorcycles on a Track Day? Dedicated track day motorcycles is a far less expensive option. HM Racing will build a Track Day bike to your specification, using a new or used motorcycle. In the case of a new motorcycle, all road going bodywork and accessories can be removed to reduce costs if you end up in the kitty litter!

Essential Track Day Bike Checklist

Track Day Motorcycles Must Be Mechanically Sound

Ensure that your Track Day motorcycles are in full working order before arriving at the track. Track Day motorcycles which are not roadworthy or does not comply with noise levels will not be allowed on track. Ensure you have sufficient tread for wet conditions or sufficient rubber on the slicks. Additionally ensure that your motorcycle brake system is in tip top condition. Also ensure the chain is correctly adjusted and well lubricated. If in doubt about any of the above please give HM Racing a call so that we can do a pre Track Day inspection on your motorcycle.

Protective Clothing and Equipment

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, ensure that you have the best protection that you are able to afford. The only thing protecting you from the track surface is the protective gear that you are wearing. Nearly every circuit do not allow riders on the track if they to not have one piece leathers or zipped together two piece leathers. A helmet with an ACU gold badge must also be worn. And certain visors like black is not allowed.


Be sure to fill up your motorcycle before getting to the track. It is also advisable to arrange for own additional fuel at the track although some circuits can supply fuel but is more expensive. Most track have fuel garages in close proximity.


Always ensure that you have you Full driving License and Counterpart that allows to to ride the Motorcycle CC that you intend to taking around the track. This is a rule that each of the UK’s tracks must follow under Health & Safety regulations.