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HM Racing - Motorcycle Maintenance

HM Racing – Taking care of motorcycles

Keeping your motorcycle in good shape is essential if it is going to have a long lifespan. Fortunately, maintaining a bike is not an overly-complex process and doesn’t have to take up a great deal of your time. Getting help from motorcycle performance specialists every once in a while should also increase the longevity of your motorbike.

Act early to cut costs

One of the most important steps to take when it comes to motorcycle maintenance is to change the oil. Changing the engine or gear oil will ensure that these parts remain lubricated and are able to perform to the highest of standards. If the oil isn’t changed as frequently as it could be, permanent damage can occur – and you may not notice this damage until it’s too late. The longer you wait to change the oil, the more maintenance is likely to cost you in the long run. If you have any doubts you should refer to the manual that came with your motorcycle.

Paying attention to the owner’s manual will help you to look after your motorcycle correctly. Not every motorcycle is the same, so it’s essential that you take note of the specific steps laid out for you by the manufacturer.

Enhances your bike’s life

The other parts that you will need to check regularly include the brakes, tyres, wheel alignment and any electrical parts, to name just a few. If you do have a motorcycle and find that it is underperforming, it’s a good idea to refer to a motorcycle dyno tuning centre for help and advice. The longer you leave a problem, the more likely it is to cause an accident as well as drive up costs.

Keep it clean

There are many maintenance steps that you can take at home, even if you have no real technical knowledge of how bikes work. Simply washing your bike on a daily basis will prolong its shelf life whilst making it easier for you to notice anything that may have gone awry, such as a loose bolt for instance.

Most motorbike owners also look at their tyre treads on a weekly basis in order to ensure that they are in good shape. Bad tyres can have a negative influence on how a bike handles when on the road, leading to a looser grip and making it unfit for the road. Once a tyre is changing the way that the bike handles, you should get it changed right away.

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