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HM Racing Team Diablo 666 Race report from Thruxton

Again, many thanks to Team Principal Miles Hutchins for the following report…

BSB Thruxton 13/14/15 April

Friday started fair and warm and Piers had his first experience of a lap at Thruxton – notorious for its unbelievably fast corners and abrasive surface. Taking the 600 Superstock practice to learn the circuit from scratch, he surprised us by learning it quite quickly and getting into the low 1.24s after only 20 mins.

Next came the T3R practice – with Piers now almost familiar with the circuit, it was Joe’s turn to be thrown in the deep end. Both riders came back in looking slightly bemused by the speed of the circuit with probably the fastest corners anywhere in theUK, and that are punctuated by two chicanes, many bumps and reverse cambers.We also realised that it was a very abrasive surface that tyres weren’t going to last long without a combination of Dave Carnell and Perry Leask’s magic!

Piers had 600 Superstock qualifying next and put in a very creditable performance after such a short learning curve to come in 23rd position. Following this both riders had another T3R practice and both improved their lap times dramatically and Piers was just dieing to get further up the grid the following day in the 600 Superstock with his faster lap times…

This was more like it – grinning faces – both from the sheer exhilaration and the delight of warm sunshine!

Oh but what bitter disappointment when we work up to cold drizzle Saturday morning.

First came the baptism of wet fire for Piers in his second 600 Superstock qualifying session. Not surprisingly no one changed grid position. Still it rained and so the same conditions continued again for both in the T3R qualifying.

Even though they were improving towards the end of qualifying all Piers could say was – he couldn’t get used to idea of going so fast in the wet… it just didn’t seem possible! But as the track dried late afternoon he made amends in the first T3R race ending up 6th and 2nd in the cup meant a trip to the podium at last.

Sunday dawned dry and sunny, but with a bitterly cold track and a strong wind down the back of the circuit. Piers ended up an exciting 11th in the 600 Superstock warm up. Come the T3r race, both riders did their best to combat the wind and cold tarmac ending with Piers on the podium again and Joe doing his fastest lap of the weekend.

Finally came the 600 Superstock 600 race. Piers managed to avoid a crash of 5 bikes in front of him at the complex, but then trying to make up for the delay it caused, he came off on probably the fastest bend of the circuit – so his race was over almost before it started.

Next up Oulton Park on May bank holiday 5/6/7th May.


HM Racing First BSB point for Piers Hutchins 2012

HM Racing congratulate Piers Hutchins and Team Diablo 666 for their first BSB 600 Superstock point at the weekend; another significant step forward in 2012.

The following report from Team Principal Miles Hutchins…

What a difficult weekend it became…

We arrived to a bright and very frosty Brands on Good Friday and which turned into a reasonably warm day with a track that was dry but still very cold. Piers managed to get in a practice session on the new Triumph 675R in the Superstock and came in with some very encouraging lap times. However the TTC riders didn’t have a practice slot on Friday and were waiting around for Saturday to flex their muscles.

However that was when the weather turned as we feared it would from the forecasts, and although you never know at Brands as it is a law unto its self with weather, it didn’t this time.

Saturday started damp with a drying track – however Piers managed to get a 17th on the grid in the Superstock 1st qualifying with a wet front and a dry rear. In the TTC free practice the weather continued to be unpredictable, but both Piers and Joe used it to test the difficult conditions. Late afternoon for TTC it still was very greasy, but Piers managed 7th and Joe 20th on the grid in qualifying.

Sunday was more of the same changing conditions but with much more persistent rain showers. The Superstock 2nd qualifying changed none of the grid positions with a wet session that became more and more treacherous.

The TTC first race was postponed because the Ducati 848 race had to be abandoned after so many fallers had caused the track to be closed for 50 mins whilst it was cleaned by machine to try to eliminate a oil spill that rain the whole circuit. This together with the worsening weather meant all the track activity during the afternoon was a very precarious business with everybody, including the superbikes qualifying, being marred by fallers. We had more or less settled for the TTC race to be run as a double header at Thruxton when we received an urgent summons to the grid at 17.40. Both riders managed the conditions well with what had suddenly become a quickly drying track and the first bit of sunshine of the day. They went out on wet tyres which was the correct decision and Piers managed 5th and Joe 15th but at the cost of completely shredding their rear tyres in the last three laps. Piers ended up 3rd and Joe 15th on the grid for Monday’s race based on lap times.

The brief show of sun on Sunday was quickly forgotten as a proper wet and cold Easter Monday dawned. With the previous incidents, the track continued to be tricky even though it was properly wet. Piers rode well in the morning Superstock race, finishing 15th. So he was buzzing for the TTC race with his 3rd on the grid. But it was not to be… on the first corner Paddock bend the riders next to him tried to cut across and took him and the pole rider out. Joe suffered nearly as bad luck as the rider next to him bent his brake lever, so Joe could hardly use the brake for the whole race. The race was red flagged shortly after another faller at Paddock needed attention.


Two wins for Piers Hutchins at Brands Hatch 2012

Piers Hutchins had his first outing for 2012 at Brands in the Parkitt MotoGrande 600 Championship and recorded pole position and two race wins on his HM Racing prepared 675 Triumph. This was his T3 Championship bike so a good shake-down for his 2012 campaign. Fastest lap was 49.9s. Congratulations to Team Diablo