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HM Racing Past Projects
During 1998 and 1999, HM Racing carried out in depth product testing for a major oil company. At this time HM Racing were the only non ISO accredited company to be commissioned, their specialist knowledge considered compensatory. HM Racing investigated allegations of clutch slip and employed data logging in conjunction with dyno testing to substantiate findings. HM Racing learned an enormous amount about lubricants during this association.

In 2001, HM Racing decided to put technologies learned from other disciplines to the test and run a Husqvarna powered machine in the British Supermono Championships. The results proved very interesting and educational. For information on our 2001 Supermono campaign see Mono

HM Racing developed a multi map, digital, programmable ignition system and as a result helped win a European Championship and many British Championships. In addition to this a “Best Product at the Dirt Bike Show” award came HM Racing’s way courtesy of Eric Gorr!

In 2005, realising the potential of KTM’s new Superduke HM Racing set about developing the bike for use as a race machine which resulted in a debut race win and winning the Sound of Thunder series the following year.

2005 also saw HM Racing re launch Intelligent Ignition Systems, the inclusion of electronics expert Gareth Hopkins to the HMR team has been an exciting development which has resulted in the world beating HM Quickshifter. The product was used by 90% of moto2 competitors during 2010 and 2011, and subsequently many others. HM Quickshifter now operates as a separate company, developing other exciting products such as the HM Dash.