Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Centre

HM Racing Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Centre
HM Racing’s Dyno Tuning Centre caters for road, track day riders and race competitors alike, from a simple power check to race bike set up. HM RACING has been a motorcycle Dyno Tuning Centre since 1993 and an approved motorcycle DynoJet Power Commander Tuning Centre since 2003. Our state-of-the-art motorcycle dyno tuning centre also provide invaluable in house research and development facilities for motorcycle race engines.

HM Racing Dyno Tuning Centre Services:

  • Supply & fitting of Dynojet, Bazazz and K&N products
  • Supply & fitting of Race Cans or Full Exhaust Systems
  • Supply & fitting of Power Commanders
  • Create custom Motorcycle fuel maps
  • Fuel Injection Re mapping and Carburettor set up
  • Dyno Testing & Exhaust Gas Analysis (4 gas)

HM Racing DynoJet 250i
HM Racing uses the latest Dynojet 250i dyno with load cell and real time air-fuel ratio and data logging facilities.

HM Racing offers professional motorcycle dyno tuning testing facilities to race teams or individuals. The latest Dynojet 250i dynamometer is housed in a balanced cell for accuracy and consistency. Along with Dynojet 250i real time air/fuel ratio capability, we are able to employ a 4 gas Sun machine to analyse exhaust gases. HMR offers data logging facilities to record conditions and results obtained in the dyno cell. The data acquisition facility can be expanded to use on the track for the professional client.

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Prices

Carburetion or Injection check
Fitting and dyno set up of 4-cyl Dynojet kit
Fitting and set up of Power Commander (including a full custom map) £593 inc VAT (This is based on a typical setup using a PCV)
Professional testing with data logging

Custom Motorcycle Air-Fuel Mapping

A custom mapping service, to get the best performance from your motorcycle and Power Commander, in most cases and includes free fitting of the Power Commander if supplied by HM Racing.

Dynamic mapping runs are carried out at full throttle, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% and 2%. These are augmented with steady-state tuning where appropriate , for a perfect overall set up.

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning For Road or Trackday

Supply & Fitting of Dynojet and K&N Products

Dynojet kits cater for carburetted machines and Dynojet Power Commanders for fuel injected machines. See Dynojet for technical and application details.

Supply and Fitting of Bazazz Products

Bazazz control units with or without traction control fitted with custom setup maps.

Supply & fitting of Race Exhaust Cans or Full Road Race Exhaust Systems

HM Racing will supply and fit race exhaust cans and full exhaust systems. After fitting, your motorcycle can be tested on the dyno and the air/fuel ratio checked and corrected if necessary.

Fuel Injection Mapping

HM Racing will optimise the fuel injection on your motorcycle via the fitting of a Dynojet Power Commander. See Dynojet for technical and application details. The Suzuki range of FI bikes can be re mapped using our Yoshimura facilities, providing a budget alternative.

Dyno Testing & Exhaust Gas Analysis (4 gas). Our latest model Dynojet 250i Dynamometer is an essential piece of equipment for analysing engine performance. The latest real time air fuel ratio capability along with our four gas Sun machine allows us to analyse exhaust gases, enabling us to predict the correct jetting / mapping changes. The dyno is housed in a purpose built balanced cell, necessary for consistency of testing. In fact the ventilation of our new cell provide a ‘change of air’ every 10 seconds!

Dyno testing for Race Bikes