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he only strain gauge quickshither outside motogp
Traditionally, only high budget motoGP teams have been able to realise the significant advantages of STRAIN GAUGE QUICKSHIFTERS. However, recent advances in manufacturing technologies together with our proven designs have allowed us to produce these QUICKSHIFTERS at a price that WSB, BSB, MRO, club racers and road riders can justify.

As used by…. Diablo 666 World Endurance, Glen Richards, Gregorio Lavilla, James Webb, JHP Ducati, John McGuiness, MSS Discovery, Padgetts Honda, Ten Kate Honda, John Barnett to win the Sound of Thunder Championship on the PGM KTM Super Duke! and many, many more.

2010… 40 out of 42 competitors in MOTO2 use HM Quickshifter!
2011… Still around 90% use HM Quickshifter!

Here’s what the Press have to say…

“The plethora of professional racers who make use of the HM Quickshifter on their own bikes, gives us a clue about its ability to shave seconds from those lap times. If you’re looking for reasons to get one, then look no further than the likes of John McGuiness, the Ten Kate Honda team and almost all of the competitors in Moto2, all of whom put their faith in the HM Quickshifter. In basic terms, having a quickshifter on your bike allows you to go up through the gears smoothly and quickly, without having to let off the gas when you change gear.
hm quickshifter case

As you’d imagine, this has a massive effect on speed coming out of corners and gives your bike the kind of acceleration that was once only a pipedream for anybody outside of MotoGP. There are quite a few varieties of quickshifter available from HM Racing, as they are fairly specific in terms of which one works for which bike. The one we’ve got is the HM Quickshifter Plus YK with Loom, and this will fit a Yamaha or Kawasaki. But like I said, there are loads available so if you’ve got a different bike then the likelihood is that there’ll be one out there for you!
HM Quickshifter lcd display
The model we’ve got comes with a loom that connects straight to your existing plug top coils, so unlike many other quickshifters on the market, there’s no need for any splicing of wires and the loom fits straight in to your bike’s existing connectors. Once connected up, the quickshifter uses its built-in intelligent ignition controller to directly manage the ignition, completely independently of the ECU. The version of the HM Quickshifter that you will need depends entirely on what bike you have.


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