HM Racing Facilities

HM Racing facilities include the following equipment;
HM Racing - Serdi 3.0L

Serdi 3.0L Valve Seat and Guide Machine

The Serdi 3.0L is the ultimate machine for replacing and cutting multi-angle valve seats on multi-valve motorcycle engines. More Details…

Delapena Auto Speedhone

Delapena auto speedhone horizontal honing machine for bores from 4mm to 110mm.

Sunnen Valve Guide Hone

Sunnen valve guide hone specialised honing tool specifically for valve guides.

Digital Valve Spring Testing

Verification of spring specification and measurement after service.

Comprehensive Measurement Facilities

Relevant engineering and specialised engine building measurement facilities.

Quadrant Scientific Cam Doctor

Quadrant scientific cam doctor provides accurate measurement of cam profiles – lift, duration, valve velocity, valve acceleration and lobe phasing. Also examines “quirk” and “jerk”.
HM Racing Facilities Dynojet 250i

Dynojet 250i Rolling Road Inertia / Eddy Current Dynamometer

Dynojet dynos have become the industry standard for testing racing motorcycles, giving extreme repeatability from a simple mechanical design. Equipped with real-time air/fuel ratio measurement and data logging.

Ram-Air Induction System, Controlled by Dyno Road Speed

The Ram-Air induction system creates real road conditions that is controlled by Dyno road speed.

Balanced Dyno Cell

Often overlooked the dyno cell is the key to repeatable results. HM Racing’s professionally constructed unit has matched cooling and extraction fans and the ability to “trim” to maintain consistent barometric pressure.

Sun Exhaust Gas Analyser

The four-gas machine examines content of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbons, Oxygen and therefore air/fuel ratio.

PI Research Data Acquisition System

Dyno testing conditions are captured using data recording. Facilities to record water temp, oil temp, exhaust gas temp, air / fuel ratio, wheel speed, engine speed, throttle position. Derived channels may be configured to examine such things as clutch slip. All traces can be displayed against time or distance.

ASNU Fuel Injector Testing and Servicing Facilities

The ASNU Fuel Injector allows HM Racing to offer matched sets of injectors as well as periodic servicing. Leak down efficiency testing checks for sealing losses and evaluate performance loss in injectors over time. See it in action over here…

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Dedicated ultrasonic cleaning machine for fuel injector servicing and a cleaner large enough to take a bank of four carburettors.

Machine and Fabrication Workshop

Turning, milling, drilling, honing, pressing, blast cleaning, MIG and TIG welding.

The workshops at HM Racing are extremely secure, protected by a NACOSS approved monitored alarm system of the highest standard.