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What is a quickshifter, and why do you need one?

As its name suggests, the purpose of a quickshifter is to allow a motorcycle rider to change gears more quickly. This is something that will shave off essential seconds for race teams and allow effortless, enjoyably smooth acceleration for everyone else. Effectively, they allow riders to keep on the accelerator throughout gear changes and thereby to accelerate more quickly out of corners and along straights. Quickshifters work by reducing the load on the gearbox for just enough time to allow the gear to change. This is exactly the same as rolling off the throttle, but the quickshifter will always be quicker than a rider could achieve manually. There are a variety of different quickshifters available on the market, but the HM quickshifter varieties are acknowledged as the best of the bunch. The reason why HM quickshifters are so highly regarded is that they use a strain gauge rather than a pressure sensor to detect when the gear is being changed. Unlike a pressure sensor, a strain gauge has no moving parts so it won’t wear out and it won’t be affected by the vibrations of the bike. Strain gauges measure the movement of molecules inside the shift rod. The signals are then processed using complex mathematics to determine how long to cut the engine load. It therefore offers the quickest, most efficient gearshift available outside of Moto GP. The HM quickshifter is also kinder to your gearbox than most other models on the market. This is because the HM models cut the ignition rather than the fuel in order to decrease the load on the gearbox. This avoids accidental damage caused by secondary injectors not being cut out by a fuel supply based system. HM quickshifters connect directly into the standard wiring loom of your motorcycle. There are different models of HM quickshifter that each fit different bikes. There are also different levels of quickshifter ranging from the base model up through the Plus and Plus SS to the Moto GP model. This latter quickshifter is the best that is available outside of Moto GP. Even the base model is better than any competing quickshifter on the market. On account of the fact that HM quickshifters are very motorcycle specific, we recommend giving us at HM Racing a call before ordering your model. This will save you from having to return items.


HM Racing – Taking care of motorcycles

Keeping your motorcycle in good shape is essential if it is going to have a long lifespan. Fortunately, maintaining a bike is not an overly-complex process and doesn’t have to take up a great deal of your time. Getting help from motorcycle performance specialists every once in a while should also increase the longevity of your motorbike.

Act early to cut costs

One of the most important steps to take when it comes to motorcycle maintenance is to change the oil. Changing the engine or gear oil will ensure that these parts remain lubricated and are able to perform to the highest of standards. If the oil isn’t changed as frequently as it could be, permanent damage can occur – and you may not notice this damage until it’s too late. The longer you wait to change the oil, the more maintenance is likely to cost you in the long run. If you have any doubts you should refer to the manual that came with your motorcycle.

Paying attention to the owner’s manual will help you to look after your motorcycle correctly. Not every motorcycle is the same, so it’s essential that you take note of the specific steps laid out for you by the manufacturer.

Enhances your bike’s life

The other parts that you will need to check regularly include the brakes, tyres, wheel alignment and any electrical parts, to name just a few. If you do have a motorcycle and find that it is underperforming, it’s a good idea to refer to a motorcycle dyno tuning centre for help and advice. The longer you leave a problem, the more likely it is to cause an accident as well as drive up costs.

Keep it clean

There are many maintenance steps that you can take at home, even if you have no real technical knowledge of how bikes work. Simply washing your bike on a daily basis will prolong its shelf life whilst making it easier for you to notice anything that may have gone awry, such as a loose bolt for instance.

Most motorbike owners also look at their tyre treads on a weekly basis in order to ensure that they are in good shape. Bad tyres can have a negative influence on how a bike handles when on the road, leading to a looser grip and making it unfit for the road. Once a tyre is changing the way that the bike handles, you should get it changed right away.


HM Racing Mike Honey wins MRO Clubman 1000cc Championship

HM Racing supported riders had a great weekend, 5th and 6th October 2013, with Michael Honey having 4 wins and also setting his fastest ever lap time around the Brands Hatch Indy circuit (48.5 seconds) on the ex Rob McNealy HM Suzuki GSXR1000. These results meant that Michael Honey was crowned the 2013 MRO CLUBMAN 1000cc CHAMPION.

Mike missed the first round of the Championship at Snetterton, which meant that he had given away a possible 100 points from the very start. With numerous race wins and consistent podium places along with fastest laps set throughout the season. The HM Racing Suzuki GSXR1000 has now won its 4th Championship in as many seasons.

2010 Robert McNealy MRO CLUBMAN 1000cc CHAMPION 2011 Robert McNealy MRO POWERBIKE CHAMPION 2012 Michael Honey BEMSEE ROOKIE 1000cc CHAMPION 2013 Michael Honey MRO CLUBMAN 1000cc CHAMPION

HM Racing provide engine, dyno and suspension services along with STM and HM Quickshifter & HM Dash products.


HM Racing Career Best For Dan Johnson

Jones / Dorling Racing’s Dan Johnson recorded a career best at Brands Hatch on Sunday. In the BSB 1000 superstock class Dan qualified on the front row in 4th place and raced to an impressive 6th place in the race. HM Racing provide suspension and dyno services for Dan’s Kawasaki ZX10R.


HM Racing BSB Points Again For Rob McNealy

Rob McNealy finished his season in fine style scoring points in the BSB 1000 superstock race for the second time this year with an excellent 14th place after qualifying 27th. HM Racing provide engine, suspension and dyno services for Rob’s BMW S1000RR.


HM Racing James Phare Flying At Brands 2012

James Phare raced to an excellent 13th place at Brands Hatch on Sunday in the BSB 600 superstock race. In one of the most competitive BSB classes, this result is made all the more credible by the fact that James has only raced in four meetings this year due to limited funds. HM Racing provide engine, suspension and dyno services for James’s Yamaha R6.

If ever there is a lad who would benefit from some help it’s James.


HM Racing Mike Honey clinches BEMSEE Championship

Mike Honey, riding the ex-Rob McNealy / HM Racing Suzuki GSXR1000 clinched the Bemsee 2012 Rookie 1000 Championship at Brands Hatch on Sunday. HM Racing continue to provide Mike with engine, dyno and suspension services.


HM Racing TEC Supplies Win Again

Team win at Cadwell Park with one lap lead over second and third. Westley Crozier set the fastest lap in the process.


HM Racing Mark Lister new ZX10-R 2012

Mark Lister debuted his new Kawasaki ZX10-R at the ACU Clubman’s Championship at Cadwell Park on the 1 July with four second places to BSB Superstock competitor Mike Booth. The bike was built to Superstock specification at HM Racing at very short notice and Mark commented that “It’s the nicest bike I’ve ever ridden.”


HM Racing Tim and Wes wins round two of Hottrax Endurance Snetterton

The team won in awful conditions surviving three safety cars and a crash with six laps to go. The pair had a two-minute lead going into the last session and fortunately Westley Crozier’s crash cost only 40 seconds giving them the win. Wes set the fastest lap for the race on his HM Racing prepared S1000RR BMW. The team would especially like to thank Miles Hutchins who braved three hours signalling on the pit-wall to help the team with his considerable knowledge regarding strategy, gained from running his own Endurance team at world level. Thanks Miles!